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7 Reasons You Need to Travel While You're Young

I have been extremely lucky to travel thoroughly throughout the world while still young. I likewise traveled abroad to Africa, Switzerland, Ireland, Great Britain, Scotland, France, Mexico, and Bonaire. Here are 7 methods traveling altered me permanently.

1. Traveling weather changes the way you relate to the world.
If I hadn't had the chance to take a trip when I was younger, I would have a tough time envisioning much else outside my comfy country bubble. When you travel to other countries and see the remarkable beauty of sunsets over seas, eagles riding mountain currents, monkeys swinging through rain forests, grizzlies capturing salmon in the rapids, magnificent waterfalls spilling off vertical drops, and volcanoes smoking under their intense breath, you understand the world is full of more charm that you are capable of seeing in a lifetime.

If you do not see this when you are younger, you have less desire to venture out when you are older and have task and family constraints in play. If I didn't understand what I was missing, I would have less of a desire to put the effort into taking the time to travel.

2. Traveling changes the method you associate with others.
The area I grew up in didn't have much variety. Everyone looked and acted generally the exact same. I learned about other cultures when I took a trip. I recognized that my life could be enriched by developing relationships with individuals who didn't act or look like me. Far from my home town, I developed friendships with people who were absolutely nothing like me, however were exactly what I searchinged for. This taught me to accept, not fear, experiences and relationships that were outdoors my convenience zone. It also taught me the value of interaction abilities. Let's simply state I paid a lot much better attention throughout college Spanish class after checking out Mexico, and livened up in French class after my time in France and Africa.

3. Taking a trip humbles you enough to recognize it's not all about you.
Taking a trip sometimes puts you in tough scenarios. You see that the world is so much larger than your perspective on it. You find out that you actually weren't the huge fish in the ocean, however simply a small minnow in a pothole.

Now, that doesn't mean you aren't still important, however it does alter your perspective to be more available to learning from other individuals and circumstances vs lecturing and bestowing your large wisdom to those fortunate adequate to be in earshot. Traveling teaches you to let go of the viewed idea of control. You find out that it's a huge adequate obstacle to simply manage yourself, and discover how to quit attempting to do so for the rest of the planet.

4. Taking a trip empowers you to take on brand-new obstacles.
Just as taking a trip is humbling, it is also empowering. You recognize you can do things you never thought possible. For example, I have actually lived for the past two years in Grenada, West Indies. I have constantly enjoyed driving on the ideal side of well paved and open roads of the United States Here, I was thrown into driving on the left side of the roadway on twisty mountain handed downs broken roads that aren't much bigger than a one-lane driveway, yet they expect two-way traffic to freely fulfill around the blind corners. Contribute to the lovely mix that there are drop-offs with no guard rail along most of the drive, and far below the large free fall you see the roofs of homes.

Dominating this worry helped me discover that I could adapt to more than I felt I was capable of dominating. I believe that's an excellent thing to learn at any age, but you can apply it longer throughout your lifetime if you start early.

5. Traveling offers you compassion for global suffering.
When you travel, you learn how much you really have that you take for approved. You lose the callousness and egotistic attitude that can in some cases establish when you cannot relate to that area of the world.

6. Taking a trip pushes your instructional horizons.
Sadly, I never ever liked history in school. Simply checking out the stories in books seemed so dull to me. Nevertheless, when I visited the palace of Versailles in France, marveled at the architecture of basilicas in Africa, climbed up the ruins of castles in Ireland, went to the White House, and strolled the halls of the Louvre, I couldn't assist but get a new gratitude for history. Taking a trip makes history come alive. The stories are no longer images in a book, however concrete memories you keep in mind a lot longer than anything you could study in school.

7. We are never guaranteed aging, so delight in life's experiences now!
I think a lot of young individuals put off traveling due to the fact that they want to be accountable, work hard, get married, have kids, and construct up a life. I believe it's an error to put off traveling in exchange for the belief that you can do it when you retire and have more time. While I definitely plan to continue to travel after I retire, I also realize I am not ensured old age.

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I have actually been really lucky to travel thoroughly throughout the world while still young. When you travel to other nations and see the incredible beauty of sundowns over seas, eagles riding mountain currents, monkeys swinging through rain forests, grizzlies catching salmon in the rapids, marvelous waterfalls spilling off vertical drops, and volcanoes smoking under their intense breath, you recognize the world is full of more charm that you are capable of seeing in a lifetime. If I didn't know what I was missing out on, I would have less of a desire to put the effort into taking the time to travel. When I traveled, I found out about other cultures. When you take a trip, you find out how much you genuinely have that you take for granted.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Singapore Work Permit

The free assessment allows you to enter your details to find out the ideal Singapore visa for your needs. Click on the above link to start your Singapore visa application form.

There are four main types of Singapore work for people looking for professional work in Singapore:

    - Singapore Employment Pass (EP)
    - Singapore Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass)
    - Singapore S Pass
    - Personalized Employment Pass for Singapore (PEP)
Employment Pass Singapore
The Singapore employment pass is the most common type of work permit for Singapore. To qualify for this work permit for Singapore you must have a minimum monthly salary of over S$2500 and have a degree from a good university, among other things. Lasting for up to two years, it can be renewed providing you’re still working in Singapore. Permanent residence is a possibility after a number of years on the employment pass for Singapore.

Entrepreneur Pass for Singapore
This Singapore work permit is different to the Employment Pass for Singapore as it covers owners of new companies wanting to operate their new business in the country. This Singapore work visa can last for up to two years and are also eventually eligible for permanent residency. You just have to have the correct documentation and your business must be new or less than six months old.

Singapore Employment Pass (S)
The S Pass is a type of work permit for Singapore for employees of medium skill who earn each month more than S$1,800. An S Pass applicant is assessed based the eligibility of an employer based on their quota of international workers as well as an applicant’s qualifications. Fortunately for this type of Singapore work permit, a technical diploma holds the same weight as a degree. Singapore permanent residenc is available

Personalised Singapore Employment Pass (PEP)
The Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) is a method of working in Singapore that isn’t tied to a specific employer. The best part about this Singapore work permit is that you can switch jobs without having to reapply for a new employment pass. There are some limits on how long you can be jobless, and you aren’t allowed to start your own company, but the upside given the flexibility of the job market for work in Singapore is huge.

This Singapore work permit is limited to five years and are eligible for permanent residency in Singapore. If you want to work in Singapore but don’t have a particular job offer then this is the ideal visa.

There is also the P pass (P1 pass and P2 pass for Singapore) and the Q1 pass which the country grants for work in Singapore. Speak to one of our immigration consultants to get your visa today!

Singapore Immigration

The following is a quick guide to permanent immigration to Singapore. Find out about temporary visas by visiting the Visa Singapore page.
Immigration Singapore
There are two key pathways to permanent immigration to Singapore: permanent residency in Singapore and citizenship.  

Permanent Residency in Singapore
In order to be eligible for permanent Singapore immigration you must meet one of the following requirements:
- Family connection: If you are the spouse or child (under 21) of a Singaporean citizen/permanent resident, you may qualify for permanent immigration to Singapore. Aged parents of a Singaporean may also be eligible.
- Workers may be eligible for permanent Singapore immigration if they possess a P, Q or S work pass. Visit the Singapore Work Permit page for more information on working in Singapore.
- Investors/entrepreneurs may qualify for Singapore immigration if they make a significant contribution to the Singaporean economy.
- Other: Singapore may accept permanent residency applications in other special circumstances, so take the free assessment to find out if you meet any of the requirements for immigration to Singapore.

Singapore Citizenship
There are three main pathways to Singaporean citizenship:
- Persons aged under 21 who have lived in Singapore for at least 2 to 6 years can apply for citizenship under Singapore immigration laws.

- The spouse of a Singapore citizen can apply for citizenship if their marriage and immigration to Singapore are more than two years old.
- Singapore immigration authorities will grant citizenship to a child born outside Singapore who has at least one Singaporean parent.
- Other special circumstances may also make you eligible for Singapore immigration, so take the free assessment to find out how you can qualify

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Laos has a rich history stretching back 10,000 years. At its height, it ruled over present day Laos and much of neighbouring northern Thailand. Landlocked and laid-back, it’s a unique spin on the Southeast Asia experience.

Here Buddhism permeates every facet of life, change comes slowly, and cities bed down early. The perfect place to break from office politics or put a pause in a hyperactive travel agenda, this land of mountain, mists and untamed natural beauty tempts with unrivalled peace and serenity.

Open your heart, open your mind, and let the genuine faith and generous hospitality of Laos replenish your soul.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Embassy of Vietnam in Singapore

Below is the contact information of Embassy of Vietnam in Singapore, Singapore, who will provide you with assistance and information on how to get a visa to Vietnam from Singapore, Singapore.

Office hours:     Visa Hours: Mon-Fri 9.00am - 12.00 noon

Citizens of Singapore can apply for a visa to Vietnam in 3 different ways:

1. Apply for a visa to Vietnam through a travel agent in Singapore or through an online visa processors like Travisa, Travelvisapro, Traveldocs using  Singapore passport. The process and fee for Vietnam visa may vary by each agent mentioned above.

2. Apply for a Vietnam visa in person at the nearest embassy of Vietnam in  Singapore. Kindly be advised that the procedures and fees are subject to be changed depending on where you apply.

3. Apply for a visa on arrival to Vietnam from Singapore online (Note: It is available for  traveling to Vietnam by air only).

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Vietnam embassy in Anguilla

Are you looking for location of Vietnam embassy Anguilla ?
We are afraid that you are not able to find any Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Consulate in Anguilla since there is no Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in this country at the present.

Please contact to a Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in other countries where Vietnam embassies or consulates are located.

You may be pleased to hear that we will update the latest information of the Embassy/Consulate of Vietnam in this country as soon as we can so that you to contact easier but if you have any further news, please let us know. Any information you can provide us will be greatly appreciated.

Native Name: Anguilla
Dependent from: Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Capital: The Valley
Island : Anguilla
Principal Districts : South Hill, North Side, The Valley, Stoney Ground.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Are you looking for location of Vietnam embassy in Singapore ?
Please see below for information of Vietnam Embassy in Singapore
Chancery: 10 Leedon Park Singapore 267887
Telephone: 64625938 (Protocol & Administration) 64625994 (Consular)
Fax: 64689863 (Protocol & Administration) 64625936 (Consular )
Website : www.vietnamembassy-singapore.org

Complete Name: Republic of Singapore
Native Name: Singapora, Xinjiapo, Singapur, Singapore
Capital: Singapore
Regions: Central Region, East Region, North-East Region, North Region, West Region
Planning Areas: Ang Mo Kio, Bedok, Bishan, Bukit Batok, Bukit Merah, Bukit Panjang, Bukit Timah, Choa Chu Kang, Clementi, Downtown Core, Geylang, Hougang, Jurong East, Jurong West, Kallang, Marine Parade, Newton, Novena, Outram, Pasir Ris, Punggol, Queenstown, River Valley, Rochor, Sembawang, Sengkang, Serangoon, Tampines, Tanglin, Toa Payoh, Woodlands, Yishun

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