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Singapore Immigration

By ton tu  |  8:32 PM

The following is a quick guide to permanent immigration to Singapore. Find out about temporary visas by visiting the Visa Singapore page.
Immigration Singapore
There are two key pathways to permanent immigration to Singapore: permanent residency in Singapore and citizenship.  

Permanent Residency in Singapore
In order to be eligible for permanent Singapore immigration you must meet one of the following requirements:
- Family connection: If you are the spouse or child (under 21) of a Singaporean citizen/permanent resident, you may qualify for permanent immigration to Singapore. Aged parents of a Singaporean may also be eligible.
- Workers may be eligible for permanent Singapore immigration if they possess a P, Q or S work pass. Visit the Singapore Work Permit page for more information on working in Singapore.
- Investors/entrepreneurs may qualify for Singapore immigration if they make a significant contribution to the Singaporean economy.
- Other: Singapore may accept permanent residency applications in other special circumstances, so take the free assessment to find out if you meet any of the requirements for immigration to Singapore.

Singapore Citizenship
There are three main pathways to Singaporean citizenship:
- Persons aged under 21 who have lived in Singapore for at least 2 to 6 years can apply for citizenship under Singapore immigration laws.

- The spouse of a Singapore citizen can apply for citizenship if their marriage and immigration to Singapore are more than two years old.
- Singapore immigration authorities will grant citizenship to a child born outside Singapore who has at least one Singaporean parent.
- Other special circumstances may also make you eligible for Singapore immigration, so take the free assessment to find out how you can qualify

Author: ton tu

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