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Singapore Work Permit

By ton tu  |  8:35 PM

The free assessment allows you to enter your details to find out the ideal Singapore visa for your needs. Click on the above link to start your Singapore visa application form.

There are four main types of Singapore work for people looking for professional work in Singapore:

    - Singapore Employment Pass (EP)
    - Singapore Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass)
    - Singapore S Pass
    - Personalized Employment Pass for Singapore (PEP)
Employment Pass Singapore
The Singapore employment pass is the most common type of work permit for Singapore. To qualify for this work permit for Singapore you must have a minimum monthly salary of over S$2500 and have a degree from a good university, among other things. Lasting for up to two years, it can be renewed providing you’re still working in Singapore. Permanent residence is a possibility after a number of years on the employment pass for Singapore.

Entrepreneur Pass for Singapore
This Singapore work permit is different to the Employment Pass for Singapore as it covers owners of new companies wanting to operate their new business in the country. This Singapore work visa can last for up to two years and are also eventually eligible for permanent residency. You just have to have the correct documentation and your business must be new or less than six months old.

Singapore Employment Pass (S)
The S Pass is a type of work permit for Singapore for employees of medium skill who earn each month more than S$1,800. An S Pass applicant is assessed based the eligibility of an employer based on their quota of international workers as well as an applicant’s qualifications. Fortunately for this type of Singapore work permit, a technical diploma holds the same weight as a degree. Singapore permanent residenc is available

Personalised Singapore Employment Pass (PEP)
The Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) is a method of working in Singapore that isn’t tied to a specific employer. The best part about this Singapore work permit is that you can switch jobs without having to reapply for a new employment pass. There are some limits on how long you can be jobless, and you aren’t allowed to start your own company, but the upside given the flexibility of the job market for work in Singapore is huge.

This Singapore work permit is limited to five years and are eligible for permanent residency in Singapore. If you want to work in Singapore but don’t have a particular job offer then this is the ideal visa.

There is also the P pass (P1 pass and P2 pass for Singapore) and the Q1 pass which the country grants for work in Singapore. Speak to one of our immigration consultants to get your visa today!

Author: ton tu

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